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It’s been a very tough year for my family, and I think it might be therapeutic to just sort of put everything out there into the world and clear myself of thinking about it. I’m going to leave everything anonymous so that no one gets hurt or offended or anything. I just want to get it out there.

So, to start with, my cousin died this year. It was a massive thing. He died at work. There’s a wrongful death suit, and the business and insurance companies aren’t cooperating. They’ve turned very nasty and made some awful accusations, claiming my cousin was on drugs (he wasn’t) and that he was doing them at work (he wasn’t) and that he was selling them to other employees (still wasn’t).

It’s been awful. Not just to lose him but to have to battle for his good name, and for the money, these people owe my family.

My aunt still hasn’t recovered. She’s staying with us now, and I think that’ll probably continue indefinitely. She just lost her husband last year (who was my step-uncle, since she lost her first husband (my real uncle) to cancer five years back). My cousin was her only child, and she’s sort of alone in the world. She’s not even really my aunt, or not by blood. My uncle, who died five years ago was my mother’s brother. But my aunt has no one else, so we’re taking her in.

All of that, and that’s just the personal stuff. I live in Houston, so there was Harvey to deal with. We had to evacuate, and our house took on a lot of flood damage. That insurance company is also being a pain and delaying sending the money so we can fix our place back up. My mom’s worried about mold. It does smell funky in some rooms. I just try to ignore it.

I also lost my job this year. It wasn’t a great job, but it was one my father had gotten me. We aren’t close, my dad and I. He lives up in Dallas now, and he made an especial effort to get me this position, but with everything going on, I just couldn’t focus enough, and I lost it. He’s sore about the whole thing, I can tell. He says he doesn’t mind, but he’s sore.

So, I spend a lot of time these days sitting around in my moldy house with my aunt and my mom. We make a good team because we all feel miserable. It’s constant stress about the lawsuit and the insurance and looking for work. There hasn’t been a lot of good news.

No, actually there’s been some. I found a cat. After we returned after Harvey, I found a cat. I posted pictures, but no one claimed him.

That’s been nice. One nice thing this year. Maybe he’ll bring me luck going into next year.

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