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Cars and other vehicles are inventions that have greatly changed the way humans travel across land. These inventions have allowed for ease of movement from one destination to the next, and they continue to implement new technologies for increased functionality. Innovative technology continues to infiltrate the auto industry as humans become increasingly dependent on computers and their efficiency in all areas where humans could possibly miscalculate. When these technologies dysfunction they pose a great threat to drivers everywhere. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for investigating all areas of importance when deeming these technologies unfit for their applications.

As the world continues to provide smaller processing units for applications in all forms of technology the automobile industry is eager to implement these sleek computers into the design of future vehicles. Unfortunately, the application of this technology is not always well designed and in some cases can be faulty, which can cause accidents or serious injuries to the operator of the vehicle. In many cases, the new features of these products are not adequately tested to assure their compliance with international safety standards. In a study done by the NHTSA, it was found that 390 million vehicles, varying in all sizes, have been recalled since 1966. This enormous figure is due to rushed testing, faulty manufacturing, or faulty designs. These unsafe designs have the potential to cause great amounts of damage to drivers and passengers around the world. In a separate study, the NHTSA discovered that out of the 2.2 million auto accidents they surveyed nearly 44,000 were directly caused by vehicular defects. In many cases, it is possible to challenge the auto industry and its components in order to receive adequate reparation for any damages or injuries incurred while operating a vehicle with recalled parts. Typically there are inspections and consultations to prove the vehicle was using defective parts that led to the accident and injuries.

Agencies like NHTSA and others like them conduct investigations constantly to improve conditions for auto owners. They utilize professional testing facilities in order to assess what went wrong with certain parts and how they could dysfunction while the vehicle is in operation. The work these organizations do is crucial in providing feedback for technologies and designs that otherwise would go unchecked for their unsafe conditions.

To summarize, vehicles in today’s age possess enormous technological advancements. With the growing demand for fully integrated media in every area of life, it is increasingly important that adequate testing is done to verify the safety of these new developments. Toronto car accident lawyers like Mazin & Associates PC seek to protect those that have already been injured by reckless drivers. Our roads are already so dangerous that we can not allow the new threat of failed technologies to harm our drivers and passengers that venture around the world by way of a car.

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