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The very foundation of a civilized society is law and its enforcement. But there are instances where laws can be confusing and their enforcement can be exaggerated or misunderstood, resulting into unnecessary arrests and charges.

If you have been charged with an offense, this may have a negative impact in your life, especially in your reputation. It is even worse if you have been wrongly convicted of the offense, because you will have to suffer the penalties, such as probation and jail time.

Drunk Driving

There is no denying that drunk driving is illegal anywhere, because local governments are aware of the risks of alcohol influence on drivers. But because it is illegal in all jurisdictions, it is not surprising that it is an offense that is often exaggerated and misunderstood. You can get arrested for drunk driving even though you are not drunk, like when you are showing signs of intoxication but you are just sleepy or fatigued.

According to the website of Ian Inglis, drunk driving charges can be defended. One of the most common defenses include questioning the accuracy or legitimacy of the sobriety test.

Open Carry

There are states such as Texas where you can openly carry a handgun in public and a few selected private properties. But the misunderstanding here often comes from the handgun carrier and not the law enforcer.

According to the website of this Dallas open carry law attorney, if there is a sign posted in a private property prohibiting open carry, you have the legal obligation to comply. Failure to do so may have legitimate legal consequences.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual offenses such as sexual harassment are often controversial. Sexual harassment can be considered legitimate if it is repetitive, like a co-worker who is often catcalling you and it is already affecting your productivity. The key is that it is not just a one-time event that can be questionable and accidental. But even one-time acts can be considered sexual harassment, especially the obvious cases where another person sexually touches you without your consent.

Because sexual offenses are controversial, they are often prone to being exaggerated and misunderstood, as numerous so-called victims claim that they have been sexually harassed.

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