Wrongful Death—Getting Something Off My Chest

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It’s been a very tough year for my family, and I think it might be therapeutic to just sort of put everything out there into the world and clear myself of thinking about it. I’m going to leave everything anonymous so that no one gets hurt or offended or anything. I just want to get it out there.

So, to start with, my cousin died this year. It was a massive thing. He died at work. There’s a wrongful death suit, and the business and insurance companies aren’t cooperating. They’ve turned very nasty and made some awful accusations, claiming my cousin was on drugs (he wasn’t) and that he was doing them at work (he wasn’t) and that he was selling them to other employees (still wasn’t).

It’s been awful. Not just to lose him but to have to battle for his good name, and for the money, these people owe my family.

My aunt still hasn’t recovered. She’s staying with us now, and I think that’ll probably continue indefinitely. She just lost her husband last year (who was my step-uncle, since she lost her first husband (my real uncle) to cancer five years back). My cousin was her only child, and she’s sort of alone in the world. She’s not even really my aunt, or not by blood. My uncle, who died five years ago was my mother’s brother. But my aunt has no one else, so we’re taking her in.

All of that, and that’s just the personal stuff. I live in Houston, so there was Harvey to deal with. We had to evacuate, and our house took on a lot of flood damage. That insurance company is also being a pain and delaying sending the money so we can fix our place back up. My mom’s worried about mold. It does smell funky in some rooms. I just try to ignore it.

I also lost my job this year. It wasn’t a great job, but it was one my father had gotten me. We aren’t close, my dad and I. He lives up in Dallas now, and he made an especial effort to get me this position, but with everything going on, I just couldn’t focus enough, and I lost it. He’s sore about the whole thing, I can tell. He says he doesn’t mind, but he’s sore.

So, I spend a lot of time these days sitting around in my moldy house with my aunt and my mom. We make a good team because we all feel miserable. It’s constant stress about the lawsuit and the insurance and looking for work. There hasn’t been a lot of good news.

No, actually there’s been some. I found a cat. After we returned after Harvey, I found a cat. I posted pictures, but no one claimed him.

That’s been nice. One nice thing this year. Maybe he’ll bring me luck going into next year.

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Personal Injury due to Truck Accidents

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Personal injury claims involving commercial or semi-trucks can be quite unique: it is necessary for these trucks and truck owners or companies to comply with both federal and state laws and regulations. Likewise, because of their size and risks, they are required to carry higher limits with regards to their insurance coverage as compared to other smaller vehicles. When a truck accident occurs, the truck driver may not be only ones who could be liable for the accident. Because of possible multiple defendants in a personal injury claim, an injured plaintiff has a higher chance of having their cases settled than a “standard” accident.

For truck drivers and truck companies, it is the state and federal regulations that determines the standards on how they operate and the type of insurance that they would take. These regulations are what dictate the length of time they can stay on the road without rest, the amount of load they can carry, and the quality control on the vehicle’s maintenance, among many other factors. Truck owners and operators of these commercial trucks are given insurance requirements that are higher than smaller vehicles. This is to ensure that the plaintiff will receive the fair amount of compensation that they deserve, since most truck accidents are devastating in nature as outlined on the website of Williams Kherkher.

Personal injury claims against multiple defendants can make them all equally liable for the injuries and damages that the plaintiff has suffered, but depending on the evidence presented and proven in court there may also be one defendant. Plaintiffs on truck accident with multiple defendants should, however, be informed that the disadvantage for this type of injury claim often leads to trial and a settlement may take longer to obtain. According to the website of Williams and Kherkher, having multiple defendants can make the injury claim harder to complete, so finding a personal injury lawyer can help formulate the proper strategy for the case.

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Lawsuits Relating to Power Morcellators

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Several morcellator lawsuits filed by the victims of the medical device called which exposed them to the health risks have already established the dangers that the medical device can cause. Power morcellators have been marketed and used as a non-invasive option for removing non-cancerous tumors (usually on fibroids) located at the uterus, or spleen and kidney surgeries and hysterectomies. The danger comes after many of the patients have discovered they have cancer and that the procedure had caused the cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.

Despite the convenience and safety of the use of morcellators in removing uterine growths, the data from FDA shows that 1 in every 350 women who used the morcellator for their hysterectomy or myomectomy are at risk of having their unknown uterine sarcomas being spread after the procedure. The website of Williams Kherkher sadly reports that despite the issued FDA warning given November 2014 to not use the device for removal of uterine fibroids and prevent the spread of dormant cancer cells, they are still being used today. Doctors and surgeons, however, are required to inform their patients of the cancer risks before they undergo the procedure.

Filing a morcellator lawsuit may be a way to seek compensation for the damages that the device have caused, such as medical expenses for replacement surgery and treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. It is really devastating to hear that after removing what you thought was a non-cancerous tumor would eventually lead you to a life of health complications and hardships. Finding the right lawyer for your morcellator lawsuit is important to ensure that your claim will be determined for legal validity and fair and just compensation will be awarded to you and your family.

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The Consequences of Construction Negligence

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If a building collapses due to negligent construction, there may be a number of lawsuits that can be filed against the construction company that made the building. These claims can be filed on the premise of two categories: the property damage made by the collapsed building and the personal injury claims it cause to the victims.

Property damage can be easy to determine, as just about every construction projects is made through a series of contracts that specifies the responsibilities of each contractor and workers that is part of the project. Each of these contracts are required to adhere to a certain level of care that would make them liable for any injury that they cause, depending on the nature and agreement on the contract. However, the website of Hach & Rose LLP, says it is important to know that there are critical factors that should be examined in order to make a valid and strong property damage claim.

Personal injury claims, on the other hand, are very common since construction accidents can injure both workers as well as civilians. This is because construction accidents, as Habush Habush & Rottier SC ® have represented, is at the top of the list for having the most work-related injuries compared to other industries. Construction workers who have been injured in an accident can be covered by workers’ compensation, but they also have the option of filing for a lawsuit against the company if they think they are not given fair compensation. Meanwhile, non-workers injured by a construction accident should consult lawyers to check state laws that could affect the personal injury lawsuit.

Any of these legal actions following an accident from negligent construction would provide the injured party the right for compensation such as lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even loss of quality of life. Because each state have their own laws regarding personal injury claims and construction laws, it is important to talk with a lawyer to navigate through your legal options.

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