Court Battles Regarding BP Oil Spill Continue

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Oil Spill Claims | 0 comments

Recent updates on the BP Oil Spill claims and appeals report that the BP lawyers are requesting the removal of the person who is in charge of dispensing settlement money for those affected by the BP Oil Spill which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

There have been a number of complaints regarding how the judge in charge of these claims has interpreted the agreed 2012 settlement, which has reached the total estimated amount of $7.8 billion for various class-action lawsuits. Lawyers involved have talked about their plan to remove the judge with the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals on his failure to share the said information.

Although the judge has yet to determine the time that they would rule on the issue, the BP Claims head has never hidden any information about his past work relationship with the State of Louisiana, as has been the accusation, and the information was known publicly before the company has hired him for the position.

Despite it being 5 years since the accident, residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations around the Gulf area are still suffering from the losses caused by the Deepwater oil disaster that have taken the lives of 11 of its workers after it exploded. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, filing for an appeal would help claimants get compensation from the damages they have endured and are still enduring years after the disaster, but with the latest news of BP selling some of their profits to pay for the compensation and liabilities that have and the internal issues they have with Juneau, it may be a bit longer for them to get their fair settlement.

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