One Pedestrian is Killed Every Two Hours while One is Injured every Seven Minutes

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Walking, more than jogging or any other activity that people do on foot, is the most common pedestrian activity. Today, it has even become the preferred way of transportation for tens of thousands of Americans.

So many factors, however, put pedestrians’ lives at risk – the first of these factors is motor vehicles, followed by bicycles, especially those ridden in parks, jogging lanes or walk lanes, and then there are the faded or absence of crosswalks (especially in rural areas), uneven and/or cracked sidewalks that can be a cause of trips and falls, debris on walkways, and roads that are inadequately lit at night.

Records from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) show 4,743 fatal pedestrian accidents in 2012 plus 76,000 more which resulted in injuries (some of these injuries also led to death a few days after the accident); this means one pedestrian killed every two hours and one injurious accident every seven minutes. There was a very slight decrease in the number of fatalities in 2013, at 4,735; however, in 2014, the number again increased to 4,884.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation had safety of pedestrians and bicyclists its top priority. It convened University Transportation Centers (UTCs) and other transportation agencies and started the Safer People, Safer Streets program. In this program, the different transportation agencies were asked to conduct road safety assessments, as well as identify and remove barriers to improve non-motorized safety.

Pedestrians, obviously, do face great risks – in rural areas, but more so in urban settings where traffic is almost always heavy. The only sad thing about these risks is that majority of these are results of negligence.

Pedestrians accidents, however, as mentioned in the website of the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, can occur not only in crosswalks or public streets, but also in public parking lots, such as malls, supermarkets, commercial establishments, parking garages or private driveways. Legal liability also differs from one case to another due to differences in circumstances surrounding the accident.

Whatever the circumstances, continued the said law firm, injured victims require the same thing: “a straightforward answer about the likelihood of being able to collect financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.” Though proving liability in a pedestrian accident can be a really challenging task, a victim, or his/her family, may be able to ascribe fault to the driver of the motor vehicle, but only through the help of a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer. It will be a wise move not to take chances with just any lawyer as this can cost the victim the compensation that he/she has the legal right to claim and which will enable him/her pay for the treatment that will lead to his/her recovery.

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Post-Accident Trauma

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Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to show that motor vehicle mishap is among the leading reasons for deaths and injuries in the US, especially for people aged 1 – 34 years.

Obviously, driver training is inadequate to make every driver keep highway safety guidelines. This is the reason the Nationwide Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has moved to enforce these laws more firmly, to apply more regulations and impose punishment that is harsher and impose more hefty fines on violators. Regulations such as the use of seat belts, speed limits, the prohibition of drinking and driving the limitation of the utilization of hand-held cell phone while driving (drivers of commercial vehicles, like vans, are required to make use of a Bluetooth headset) are moves by the NHTSA to try to cut down on the number of car crashes that happen in the US every year.

Automobile accidents present a greater risk than anyone can imagine. These can trigger loss of lives and severe injuries which may well alter their lifestyles because of these casualties (may even be for the remainder of the lives). NHTSA says that it is quite lucky that not all vehicle crashes result in severe injuries. As said on the website of the Sampson Law Firm, an equally-serious problem is not the trauma sustained, but the experience of undergoing a deadly experience; so, a number of people that have been engaged in automobile accidents produce phobia, fear and long term anxiety after their terrible encounter.

Psychiatrists and psychologists equally concur that anxiety or trauma of driving a vehicle again, till about two weeks after a collision, is a standard response and needs to be expected. CDC’s internet-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARSTM), reports that the types who typically sustain the injury are passengers, rather than drivers. But while adult travelers may be able to easily avoid riding cars (until they have overcome the injury), the case is distinct with regard to very young kids, whose parents determine if they need to ride or not.

While most can overcome the trauma due to the injury, some have problems with it much more and longer persistently, finding themselves experiencing sleep problems, stress, and depression, which shortly change their behavior, routine, relationships, as well as, work.

Even the standard psychiatric periods needed to assist traumatized victims in overcoming their encounter may lead to another set of problems caused by fiscal difficulties. Favoring treatment, over-payment of statements from bank cards and mortgage, a lot of victims frequently are found victims of bankruptcy as this is their only sole legal mean.

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Personal Injury due to Truck Accidents

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Personal injury claims involving commercial or semi-trucks can be quite unique: it is necessary for these trucks and truck owners or companies to comply with both federal and state laws and regulations. Likewise, because of their size and risks, they are required to carry higher limits with regards to their insurance coverage as compared to other smaller vehicles. When a truck accident occurs, the truck driver may not be only ones who could be liable for the accident. Because of possible multiple defendants in a personal injury claim, an injured plaintiff has a higher chance of having their cases settled than a “standard” accident.

For truck drivers and truck companies, it is the state and federal regulations that determines the standards on how they operate and the type of insurance that they would take. These regulations are what dictate the length of time they can stay on the road without rest, the amount of load they can carry, and the quality control on the vehicle’s maintenance, among many other factors. Truck owners and operators of these commercial trucks are given insurance requirements that are higher than smaller vehicles. This is to ensure that the plaintiff will receive the fair amount of compensation that they deserve, since most truck accidents are devastating in nature as outlined on the website of Williams Kherkher.

Personal injury claims against multiple defendants can make them all equally liable for the injuries and damages that the plaintiff has suffered, but depending on the evidence presented and proven in court there may also be one defendant. Plaintiffs on truck accident with multiple defendants should, however, be informed that the disadvantage for this type of injury claim often leads to trial and a settlement may take longer to obtain. According to the website of Williams and Kherkher, having multiple defendants can make the injury claim harder to complete, so finding a personal injury lawyer can help formulate the proper strategy for the case.

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